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The process which relieves stiffness, heaviness, coldness and which induces sweating is known as swedana or sweda. A steam chamber is used for this. Oil should be gently applied on the body and the patient is made to sit in the chamber where steam emanates from boiling herbal decoction. However there are several different ways by which swedana can be induced. Treatment should be continued till the forehead and abdomen sweat very well. Eyes are to be protected and wrapped with a piece of cloth while doing sudation. Eyes, feet, palms, chest and testicles should not be heated very much. Bathing in slightly warm water should be done when the sweat is completely dried up. Food which is warm, unctuous and light can be taken after one hour.

Avagaha Swedana :
Performing fomentation in a tub filled with medicated decoctions is known as avagaha swedana. After anointing the body with medicated oils the patient is asked to lie or sit up to the neck level in a tub containing lukewarm decoctions.

Upanaha Swedana :
Upanaha swedana uses hot and herbal poultices prepared with oil and water. They can be applied in varying degrees of wetness. This therapy is particularly effective in conditions where the joints are painful and inflamed. The balanced combination of heat, oil and herbs reduces pain and restores mobility to the joints.

Bashpa Swedana :
This therapy consists of applying steam evenly to the entire body (except the head) with the use of a sweat box. This method is used after any oil massage to detoxify the body and help the medicated oils further penetrate into the tissues. It is genrally done after Snehana treatment. Scented oils can be added for a pleasant steam bath and aromatherapy healing effects.

Pinda Swedana :
A Hot bolus of cooked rice is drenched in an herbal milk decoction of nutritive herbs. During the treatment, the hot bolus is rubbed dynamically over the entire body with a special focus on the joints and muscle tissues. This procedure usually follows Snehana.

Drava Swedana :
Drava swedana uses herbal decoctions in hot water. The herbs possess penetrating qualities which enhance the heating effect of the treatment.

Valuka Swedana / Lavana Swedana :
In Valuka/Lavana swedana the sudation is induced using pre-heated sand or salt made into boluses and applied over an affected part or the whole body. This procedure cures joints pain.

Istika Swedana :
It is a type of sudation a brick is pre-heated (red hot) and water kanji is poured over it to release fumes. Then the affected area is exposed to these fumes.

Tapa Swedana :
Also known as Ruksha swedana includes application of dry heat like sauna or hot sand fomentation. This therapy is prescribed for reducing the inflammation and congestion in the joints.

Ushma Swedana :
Ushma swedana uses steam that is generally applied to the whole body and particularly to the joints

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