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Raktamokshana, merely known as bloodletting is a unique para-surgical measure traced back to Veda’s period, indicated in various diseases where gross vitiation of raktha (blood) is present, done either by metal instruments or by leeches (jalauka) or vegetable gourds, considered on its tremendous prophylactic potential to do away the certain diseases.

Jalauka Avacharana :
known for its extreme antiquity testifies its efficiency in healing various kinds of illness is a comprehensive technique using therapeutic leeches is the safer and supreme natural process of healing.

Siravyadha :
Siravyadha literally means vein puncture is a superior to all the foresaid methods, a technique with supreme caution and care legendry for its immediate and long lasting outcomes.
Normally Raktamokshana treatment can be given to Skin diseases, Herpes, Jaundice, Ulcers Gout, Piles, Abscess, Leucoderma, Syncope, Eczema

Prachchhana :
In this procedure, blood letting is done by very light incisions taken on the skin with the help of scalpel. It is used to drain the accumulated blood from a particular point of the body. Prachchana is done on the body. Silky cloth is applied on that surface and a syringe is pressed at that point. The piston should be pulled very slowly. It creates vacuum and blood is collected in the syringe.

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