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Oil Massage is always well

Massage therapy is one of the oldest methods of healthcare in practice. It involves use of different manipulative techniques to move your body's muscles and soft tissues.

Massage therapy is based on the scientific basis that when muscles are overworked, waste products can accumulate in the muscle, causing soreness and stiffness. The therapy aims to improve circulation in the muscle, increasing flow of nutrient and criminating waste products.

Ayurvedic massage therapy relieves stress and anxiety, release your muscles help relieve headaches, lower blood pressure, improve range of motion in your joints and increase production of your body's nature painkillers.

International studies indicates

  • Massage promotes relaxation, reduce stress and enhance the immune system
  • Relaxes the muscle and is useful in eliminating fatigue
  • Recuperates and nourishes the body tissues
  • Helps to maintain the original softness and lustre of the skin
  • Prevents the ageing process
  • Rejuvenates body tissues and promotes health
  • Induces sound sleep
  • Reduces any kind of musculo-skeletal pain
  • Improves the tolerance of the person for both physical and mental strain
  • By nourishing the body tissues abhyanga prolongs ones life span
  • Helps to overcome anxiety, stress as well as mental fatigue
  • Improves the body complexion
  • Beautifies the body figure
  • Improves the physical strength
  • Enhances the natural immunity of the skin
  • Cleans the skin from any dirt

We have variety of abhyanga therapies :
1. Ekanga Abhyanga.
2. Sarvanga Abhyanga.

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